Wednesday, September 25, 2013


So you know how I said that Monday was so fab?
And how I was worried that Tuesday would be horrid?
Well it was.

-I arrived at work to an email notifying me that I was getting a new kid. I hate getting new kids. I had 10 minutes to get everything labeled and ready for him.
-The new kid (who looked like he was going to punch someone) had to be dragged into the room by his grandmother. Red flag.
-Then I had to drag the new kid out of the room to get to our daily assembly by 8:00. Needless to say, the new kid did NOT make a good first impression.
-I had a terrible headache, and had to barter with the nurse to give me some Tylenol.
-The kids in the classroom next door screamed all morning...making it very hard for us to concentrate.
-I had a parent tell me that she has a "problem with my attitude." Then she proceeded to tell me everything that was wrong about me and how I offended her by not stopping in the middle of my lesson and greeting her and her son in the hallway when they came to school an hour late.
-One of the kids threw a chair because he didn't want the nectarines we were having for snack. The chair smacked me in the shin.
-The Occupational Therapist was supposed to come talk with me about one of my kiddos at 2:30. She came at 3. That's the time we're packing up our things to leave. That is by far the most chaotic part of the day, unless I have 100% of my attention focused on them. Which it wasn't. Because I was trying to listen to the OT. I need her help, because the student she's working with is really challenging, but my kids were running around the room like banshees, screaming and yelling. She either didn't notice, or didn't take the hint that this was not a good time for me.

Apparently, you can't have a totally fab day without also having an incredibly stressful day as well.

xoxo, wife.

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  1. Just hang in there and hopefully it will get better. Love you and so proud of you.