Thursday, September 5, 2013

"those" days

Today was one of "those" days at work. Unfortunately, we've had a lot of "those" days lately.

Today was the day that:

-One of my student's shoe laces came completely unraveled and frayed. Guess who has to fix that? Yep. Me. Let me tell's pretty darn tough to teach a lesson while you're trying to thread a completely frayed shoe lace through those tiny holes. Moral of the story: 5 year olds should only wear velcro.

-5 of my students were absent when I took attendance. They all meandered on in between 8:30 and if these parents think they can just bring the kids in at their leisure.

-One of my students literally spent 25 minutes digging in his belly button. He had his shirt up to his neck, and kept digging around in there, stopping periodically to check out the lint that was sticking to his finger. Every time I asked him to stop, he'd stop for a minute...then I'd notice the shirt being pulled up again and he'd get right back to digging.

-I noticed one of my girls had something in her mouth while we were in the hall. I asked her to spit it out, and she spit 12 cents into my hand.

-The parents of one of my "naughty kids" came in to observe her behavior. While we were standing outside the gym door watching her and discussing what's been going on, dad lets loose a string of swear words...right about the time one of my littles came out to use the bathroom and heard him. Lovely.

-I told that same little girl to go to her seat and put her head down because she was making too many bad choices. I turned my back and heard a huge gasp. Then the kids started shouting that as soon as I turned my back, she stuck her tongue out at me. She stuck her tongue out at me! In all my time working with kids, that's a first.

-During handwriting, one of my students was frustrated that he couldn't correctly form the letter N. Instead of asking me for help, he simply chucked his handwriting book at me.

-While testing one of my students, I said, "Point to each LETTER and tell me it's name." She then pointed to each LETTER and began counting.

-One of my girls went INTO the bathroom with nice little blue glasses on her face. She came OUT of the bathroom with frames in one hand and the lenses in another. The screws were gone. Great.

-One of my boys picked up his pencil box and smacked another student across the face with it.

-10 minutes later, that same boy began walking around the room hitting my other kids with his book. Hard.

-I had to walk a student out to the car to discuss behavior at the end of the day. The "pedophile van" that all 12 of the kids climbed into smelled distinctly of marijuana. I never knew what marijuana smelled like until I began working with this demographic.

After a day like this, its no wonder I feel like going to bed at 9:30 every night. And like I said, we've had lots of "those" days lately. This is definitely the most challenging class I've had. And during days like today, I feel like I'm losing my mind little by little.

xoxo, wife.

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