Wednesday, November 6, 2013

life this week.


Each year we take weekly number writing quizzes. I put these posters up on the cabinet and each time a kid passes a quiz, we cheer for them and write their name on that poster. The goal is to eventually get your name on ALL the posters and be able to write all the way to 100. Kids always seem to really love the motivation! We took the first quiz last week, and all but 3 kids can write to 10. Tomorrow we'll see how they do on the next one. (If you look on the card chart to the left, you can see that someone was on red is the worst you can get. It means you go to the office. I can't imagine ever having to go to the office in Kindergarten!)

 We've been doing a study on characters and setting lately. This was our character "anchor chart" to help us remember our learning. The kids all drew the main character from the story, "Room on the Broom." It was a witch. Their drawings were all super cute.

 This is always a favorite lesson every year. We're working on labeling pictures with words when we draw and write. To really drive the concept home, students got to come up and label ME today! They got to pick a post-it and stick it on me in the right spot. I can only imagine that I looked like a total goofball when it was all said and done, but the kids were laughing hysterically, and they did a really good job on their labeling work afterwards!

I sat down on Sunday and got in this crazy work-groove. I don't know where it came from, especially in light of my recent frustrations with work. But I literally worked from the time I got home from church until about 7pm. I got so much done that I'm completely planned for the next two weeks. All I had to do on Monday was make some copies. So now I'm ahead of the game and I can just leave after work!


Now that it's fall, I'm lighting candles like a madwomen. I've got 4 lit candles within eyesight as I type. There's something so cozy about dim lighting, flickering candles, and good smells wafting through the air. Ty got me this one. He gets me these amazing candles every once in awhile from the Essenhaus out in Amish-ville. My favorite scents for this time of year: pumpkin, cinnamon, anything spice-y, gingerbread, or vanilla. My least favorite scents: anything pine. Or maple. Yuck. Also, I refuse to burn anything flowery or fruity in the fall/winter. Save that for the sunny months.

This guy. Can I just say that I love the crap outta him? We got some nice snuggles in before bed the other night. 

I made an important discovery. Drinking water out of a mason jar with a fancy paper straw makes it taste so much better! You should try it. 

This time of year just makes me want to curl up in a blanket and watch tv, read, or peruse Pinterest. I think I'll go do that last one now.

xoxo, wife.

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