Sunday, November 24, 2013

we decked the halls

Ty took the day off hunting yesterday! It's a Christmas miracle! I had some running around to do, and he asked if I wanted him to come with me and we'd spend the day together. Instantly my brain had a battle with my heart. My brain said, "Say no! You get so much more done when he's not around to distract you!" To which my heart replied, "Say yes! How often during hunting season do you get to spend the entire day with your husband?!" So naturally, my heart won out, and I said yes. :)

While he was getting ready he said, "Hey...can we put up the Christmas decorations today?" We normally wait until Black Friday, but I knew that Thanksgiving weekend is really busy with all the family gatherings stuff. So I said "Sure."

After we got home, we started decking the halls.

We got this rustic tree last year after the holidays for $60. I've been waiting all year to be able to finally put it up. And my mom emailed me a picture of an idea she saw for using a little chalkboard as the tree topper. So that's what we did! I like it because it's different than the norm.

I used these rusty metal stars instead of the normal ball ornaments. I love them!

My favorite ornament on the tree is this one that my mom made us a couple years ago out of some logs from my father-in-law.

How neat is that tree? Ty picked it out while we were shopping yesterday. I have to say, every once in awhile, the guy has good taste.

Kitchen table decor.

This guy was incredibly happy that we decorated early. He loves to play in the "box jungle" that becomes our livingroom.

My favorite part of decorating each year is watching this one get so into setting up his Christmas village from when he was a kid. To give you some perspective, I did the whole tree, set up the nativity, hung the stockings, decorated the coffee table, and set up some other random things before he was finished with this village! 

We had a bet on who would go lay on the burlap first. This girl won. You know, because burlap is SO comfy to lay on...

Now I'm off to church, laundry, chores, school work, and listening to xmas music while enjoying our decorations!

xoxo, wife.

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