Thursday, December 19, 2013

all they want for christmas...

Today we wrote Christmas lists during Writer's Workshop. I told the kids that if they worked hard and tried to sound out their words, I'd text Santa and tell him what they want. Here are a couple.

***No, their writing is nowhere near perfect. But I'll remind you that these kids didn't even know how to hold a pencil in August. They didn't know how to spell their own names. So to be able to hear the majority of sounds in a word and write those sounds down? That's pretty monumental for a mere 4 months of work.***

-Skateboard, phone, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, a tablet, a LeapFrog, (not sure about the 2nd to last one), and a gorilla.

-A phone, a car, a puppy, a boots, a cup, a Mrs. Miller doll, a iPhone, a dogs, a How Rock (toy), a Mix Six (toy).

-A glass farm, princess dress, hula hoop, pogo stick, iPad, glasses, remote control butterfly, toy car, toy santa, and a nurse kit.

And just check out the last item on this little guy's list. I laughed so hard when we were reading his list together and we got to this one. He was laughing too, but also looked pretty embarrassed that I caught him!

And what does Mrs. Miller want for Christmas? 2 weeks off from these crazy kids!!

Merry Christmas, little ones. May God bless your holidays and keep you safe until you return in two SHORT weeks :)

xoxo, Mrs. Miller

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