Tuesday, December 10, 2013

i'm starting to lose my cool.

No...it's not deja vu.

It's yet another fit of destructive rage by that same student as always. 
He was suspended for 5 days today and cannot return until Tuesday.

Another one of my students was in In-School Suspension today. The principal suspended her for tomorrow WHILE she spent the day in the office because they couldn't keep her under control even in the office. 

So yet again, TWO of my kids are suspended at the same time. 
All this on TOP of the fact that it's almost Christmas and all the kids are crazy anyway.

I went to administration yesterday and told my immediate boss that I literally didn't think I'd make it the next 8 days until Christmas Break without having some kind of mental breakdown and that I needed to take Friday off...in order to preserve my sanity. Apparently everyone else wanted this Friday off too, and there were no more available subs. So I was outta luck. 

He came in this morning and told me that he'd moved some things around for Friday to be able to accommodate me having a day off. He said I've earned it and that I deserve it more than most.

So with that said, I'll be taking Friday off. I intend to sit my behind down on the couch and watch trashy tv shows all day. I may even wear sweats all day. I will refuse to worry about how they're behaving for the sub. And I will refuse to do any kind of school work. 

Then I will go back on Monday and make it the best darn "week before Christmas" that I can. 

xoxo, wife.

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  1. Good for you Lisa, and more power to you. I love you so much and wish the best for you in
    all of your quests.