Thursday, December 26, 2013

five and six down.

1. Make gingerbread houses. See who's is better. (Mine.)
2. Bake and decorate Christmas cookies together.
3. Watch a Christmas movie marathon in our jammies.
4. Donate a toy to Toys for Tots
5. Get all bundled up and go for a walk in the snow.
6. Drive around and look at Christmas lights.
7. Get coffee and take it to someone who needs a little Christmas cheer.
8. Actually send Christmas cards this year....
9. Take a picture with Santa.

More items to cross of the Manifesto.

On Christmas Eve morning, we got out of bed, stayed in our jammies and watched Christmas Vacation. Ty hadn't seen it in years, so it was fun to watch together. We laughed and laughed. That's one holiday movie that never gets old. 

Then last night, on our way home from Family Christmas #2, we drove around and looked at Christmas lights.

While we were driving, we came upon a house with 2 fire trucks and an ambulance. Those are some lights that you DON'T wanna see on Christmas.

Christmas might be over now, but we still have 3 things on our list. We technically have until the end of the month to get the rest done, so we'll see. We got the majority of the things I was really excited about done, though!

xoxo, wife.

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