Wednesday, June 18, 2014


OMG I got my blood drawn today. I hate loooooathe getting my blood drawn. And I had to fast for 12 hours on top of it...which didn't turn out to be quite as bad as I thought, because I went as soon as the doctor's office opened. It's just routine blood work, so I didn't need an appointment. I figured if I got there right away, I'd be the first one and could get on with my day. Of course, that's when everyone else thought they'd go too, so I had to wait. And the anticipation of a needle going in my arm and sucking out some of my insides makes me nervous. That and the whole wait-5-MORE-minutes-while-they-try-to-find-a-vein-thing. But alas, I did it...and I didn't cry OR pass out! So I count that as success. I promptly texted Ty this picture. And he replied, "Congrats?" With a question mark. Very condescending-like.

It's a big deal.
Next time, you should be a little more excited.
Use exclamation points. (!!!!!!!!) <----- That's what those are.

xoxo, wife.

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