Tuesday, June 17, 2014

mondays and "hay" days.

Monday was pretty normal around these parts. I went to lunch with a good friend and her baby, and then went shopping...because that's what I do. I got a couple things, but not much. Then I headed to the grocery store and bought more stuff. I was in line putting my groceries up on the...what's that thing called? The conveyor? Well anyway, I was piling my groceries up on that conveyor thingy, and I dropped an entire container of grapes on the floor. I stared in horror as millions hundreds probably 70 green and red grapes rolled all over the aisle. There was no one behind me. So I started to think about what I should do. Should I say something? Pretend it never happened? Then I hear behind me, "Ma'am? You've spilled your grapes all over the floor. Would you like me to get you some new ones?" I turned around and this poor grocery woman was on the floor picking up my dang grapes. I felt bad, so I pulled out the, "Oh my goodness! I didn't even notice! Here, let me help you!" And I got down on the ground and helped. I denied her offer to get me a new container of grapes, paid, and left with my head hung in shame. Like I said, pretty normal day.

When Ty got home, he worked out in the garage a little. I came out to sit on the step and talk with him while he worked, and I noticed that his tire was looking a little low. He went over to check it out, and found a nail in the tire, and had to put on the spare.

And that was the progression of jacking up a truck...in case you were wondering.

The good thing is, he had a handy helper.

Ok...maybe not handy...but definitely cute.

Today (Tuesday) I deemed Laundry Day. Ty had worked outside baling hay with his dad the other day, and had come home and said he was putting his clothes right in the washer so he wouldn't track hay through the house. There were only a few things in the washer, so I filled it up with some of our other stuff and washed it. Lo and behold when I went to put it in the dryer, there was stupid, wet hay stuck to all our clothes! And tons of hay left over in the washing machine. Boy...was I seeing red. Ty received the following messages:

He apologized and admitted to making a mistake, so over the course of the 90 minutes it took for those clothes to dry, I calmed down considerably. But then I went to open the dryer, and this hay-ball shot out at me.

Then I had to shake out each piece of clothing before folding it. Perhaps I should have washed the clothes again. But my brain told me that I washed the hay...so the hay was clean...therefore the clothes are clean. I then had to vacuum the floor, the lint trap, and the inside of the dryer to get rid of the rest of the hay. Stupid hay. From now on, I demand that all hay-clothes are to be washed outside BY HAND. 

And that concludes my rant.
xoxo, wife.

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