Friday, June 27, 2014

concert in the park and walking with mom.

1. Go to the beach (more than once, preferably.)
2. Take a trip to Brookfield Zoo.
3. Lose 15 pounds. (Lose 20 pounds.)
4. Read 13 books. (I'm already on #8.)
5. Finally stain the deck.
6.Go on a picnic in the park with Ty.
7. Visit the Farmer's Market and get some fresh flowers.
8. Go to a free concert.
9. Get a pedicure. And a manicure.
10. Go for a hike. (I might regret this one.)
11. Write and send some snail-mail.
12. Go to the driving range. (Might regret that one too.)
13. Do some crafty stuff.
14. Take a walk in the rain.
15. Ride a ferris wheel.

Last night we went to a free concert in the park with my parents. 

It was a good time, and another thing to cross off my summer list. 

Also, my mom and I have gone walking a few mornings this week, in an effort to get a little workout in before starting our day. Thanks to the RunKeeper app on my phone, we're able to log our walks.

Day 1: Around my neighborhood with Abby along for the walk.

Day 2: Around Mom's neighborhood without Abby.

I normally do any type of workout in the evening, so switching it up this week and doing stuff in the mornings is refreshing. I still chose to workout this morning, even though my mom and I didn't walk today, and it feels good to be done for the day at an early hour. OR even to know that I can still get in another workout this evening IF I want to!

xoxo, wife.


  1. I was going to walk this morning by myself.....but I didn't.

  2. More power to both of you, just keep up the good work and it will be rewarding.
    Love ya