Sunday, June 15, 2014

it was a kind of good, kind of rough day.

On Saturday, we got up early and went fishing with my parents for Father's Day.

It started off okay, until I tried to get into the very unstable boat.
And fell.
And banged myself up pretty badly.
While everyone else laughed at me.
In their defense, I'm sure it was pretty funny.
But hurt!

After that, things got better.
I caught the first fish of the day. (Yes, I know it's dinky.)

See those matching green people in the boat back there?
Yep, those are my parents.

So you've seen a picture of three of us with fish...
but not my Mom.
Because she didn't catch a dang thing the whole time.
But asked my dad at one point, "Hey, where's my bobber?"
To which he replied, "Under the water! You might wanna reel that in!"
But nothing.

Then we went to a local festival to get some food.

And then, it was time to head to Chicago for a concert with some friends.

Let's just say that Ty was not exceptionally thrilled about driving on the Skyway.
And even less thrilled at the $4 it cost just to drive across!

We got there a few hours early and decided to walk around and be tourists for awhile.

Millenium Park

I begged Ty to take me to The Bean. I've seen so many pictures of people going there and taking selfies, and I HAD to keep up with the rest of them. It was only a 10 minute walk from where we were, so we went!

And I got my selfie!

That guy there...talking to Ty?
Yeah we're pretty sure he was drunk.
He tried to get us to give him money for homeless kids.
It was pretty much baloney.

Outdoor concert area at Millenium Park

The we got hungry and started looking for a place to eat. We found this.

And I made my husband proud and got the Green Bay dog. I wonder why they called it that?

After walking around some more, we found the fanciest cafe I've ever been to.
They served me that large cookie on a class dish, and Ty's coffee on a wooden tray.
Only the very best for us!
And also, I think my husband is pretty handsome!

Then it was time for more walking around.

And then we headed to the House of Blues for the concert.

It was a pretty cool venue.

There were lots of people.
And it was packed and unorganized.
And I started to panic.
I made it through the opening act, but sometime during the setup for the main band, I started having a panic attack. I know that when I have a panic attack, I need to get myself away from what's making me panic. So I a place to catch my breath and get some air, and Ty got me some water.
After sitting there a few minutes, the band began to play. I decided to try again.

This is NeedtoBreathe. They were very good, and I tried my very hardest to enjoy them and have a good time.
I lasted approximately 5 songs before I started to have another panic attack, and we had to leave.

I was really upset, and may have cried some.
But as soon as we got outside, I felt better.
Ty was really sweet about it, and made it very clear that he wasn't upset about it at all.
And so we headed home and arrived around 2:00am.

It was a fun day, but between falling in the boat and having a panic attack and having to leave pride took a hit.

But at least I had a good time in between the bad chunks.

xoxo, wife.

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  1. I think for the most parts, you had a good time, got away with hubby, saw sights, etc.
    Love ya