Tuesday, June 24, 2014

summer to do list: one down

1. Go to the beach (more than once, preferably.)
2. Take a trip to Brookfield Zoo.
3. Lose 15 pounds. (Lose 20 pounds.)
4. Read 13 books. (I'm already on #6.)
5. Finally stain the deck.
6.Go on a picnic in the park with Ty.
7. Visit the Farmer's Market and get some fresh flowers.
8. Go to a free concert.
9. Get a pedicure. And a manicure.
10. Go for a hike. (I might regret this one.)
11. Write and send some snail-mail.
12. Go to the driving range. (Might regret that one too.)
13. Do some crafty stuff.
14. Take a walk in the rain.
15. Ride a ferris wheel.

It seems like it's been raining for two weeks. Oh wait, it has. After we ate dinner last night, I asked Ty if he'd go for a walk with me in the rain.

"Why?" he asked.
"Because it's on my list." I said.
"Uh...I guess."

He complained for the first few minutes, but I secretly think he had a good time. It was really peaceful and calming, and who doesn't need some peace and calm in their lives, right?

So we did the loop in the neighborhood behind our house while we held hands and talked and laughed. I kept asking him if he wanted to jump in this puddle...or THIS puddle...or THAT puddle. The answer was always "no!" followed by an eye roll and a laugh. I love this guy, and I'm so happy I get to "do life" with him. How many other guys will go for a walk in the rain when they don't particularly want to, because it will make their wife smile?

xoxo, wife.

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