Monday, July 28, 2014

cleaning up shop

The other day I got to work on the craft room to-do list. Step one: CLEAN the craft room.

I didn't take a before picture--because let's face it, that would have been embarrassing--but here are the afters.

Just cleaning up my table was a task in itself. There was crap all over it, and hardly any room to do any work!

See how much space my paints take up? That's why I said I need some kind of paint shelf/organizer.

Oh! And Ty and I were running around Saturday and ran into a resale shop. Ty found 3 packages of the foam brushes with the red handles! So naturally he got me all three. And this isn't even all of them. I put most of them away in a drawer for when these get yucky.

I decided I think I need a rug. I used to have one in here, but then Abby ate an entire box of Fannie Mae Mint Meltaways (what a waste, right?) and then she threw up all over it. It was gross, stained, and smelled like minty vomit, so I threw it away. And now I need a new one. (Also, do you see your painting you gave me, Dad?)

And this doesn't really have anything to do with anything...but how perfect is this sign next to my nail polish?

And if we're on the subject of more things I need, I need another nail polish organizer like this one. I have a ton of polish that's in a basket because it won't fit.

Okay that's all.

xoxo, wife.


  1. When you need a display rack for your nail polish you know you have too much. When you need
    a second display rack for your nail that EMBARRASSING!!

  2. Lisa, my painting sure adds a splash a color, & I'm sure a lot of inspiration........

  3. I totally enjoyed your blog this morning, got quite a chuckle out of it.
    Love ya