Wednesday, July 30, 2014

last night.

We got in bed and Ty fell asleep almost instantly while I watched Jimmy Fallon. I was still awake when the TV timer went off. So I rolled over to try to sleep.
Suddenly my brain was going a million miles a minute. 
School's starting soon and while it was tough to figure out what to work on a couple weeks ago, now I have a metal list a mile long.
And it kept growing as it crept closer to 1:00am.
I literally laid there until all hours of the night continuing to think about what I can do with THIS, and how I should go about THAT.
Any time I rolled over to try to find a position that would put me to sleep, Ty began talking in his sleep. Some of the more memorable things he said:
"Oh man...really?!"
"I'm so confused right now."
"I can't right now. I've gotta eat something."
I looked at the clock at 2:55. And then again at 4:00.
So I'm pretty sure I might have slept for at least part of that hour. After 5:00 it was smooth sailing though, and I slept until around 9:30.
So then I got up, showered, checked all social media, and sat down to start working on some of the stuff on my mental list that I added to ALL night.
And apparently I should have started writing it all down as I laid there, because now I can't for the life of me remember even a quarter of what was on that dang list. 
What a waste of precious hours of sleep.
I will now keep a note pad on the nightstand.
And probably nap today.

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  1. I know how it is when you can't sleep at night and I have those kinds of nights quite often. Hopefully you got a good
    nights sleep last night.