Monday, July 14, 2014

sammy's baby shower

My little cousin is having a baby boy in September, and this past weekend was her shower.

My grandma is letting Sammy borrow this bassinet. All 5 of her kids used it, and so did a bunch of my cousins and I when we were babies. Now the 3rd generation will sleep in it as well. So special!

 It makes me feel old to say that I can remember holding her when she was a baby, but I can. I remember one specific time I got to hold her. It was my 5th birthday. I had just had stitches taken out of my forehead from an accident and had a big scab-like thing right in the middle of my head. Since it was my birthday, Aunt Jenny and Uncle Joe came over that evening and brought their new baby who was only about 4 months old, and I got to hold her as a birthday treat. It was a pretty big deal, since I was only 5 years old and I was getting to hold this tiny baby.

And now that baby is having a baby. It's crazy to think about. I'm looking forward to watching her become a mommy. Even though we live in different states, I'll be keeping tabs online to see how things are going. I pray that God blesses Sammy with a healthy remainder of her pregnancy, an easy labor and delivery, and a healthy baby boy. I also pray that this baby brings her lots of love and joy, and that being his mommy is everything that she hopes it will be.

xoxo, cousin.


  1. This is very nice. I hope Sammy sees it!

  2. Such nice memories you have and you told them so good. Hope all goes well for Sammy and the baby.