Tuesday, July 15, 2014


I feel like monday was kind of a wasted day.
I started out by walking 2.25 miles with my mom, and then took my shower and got ready for the day.

I decided that I should probably get my butt in gear and start working on some school stuff.
I made a list of some stuff I want to get done and things I want to purchase for the upcoming year.
Then I spent about 4 hours on Pinterest looking for some great ideas...and came up pretty empty.

Then I ate lunch and did some laundry.

Then I finally figured out something I wanted to work on.

I promise I won't go into details about what "Essential Questions" are. But I will say they're becoming very important. I wanted to have them all typed up and printed so that each week I can easily get them out and post them on the wall. I worked a couple hours on this and got the first 10 weeks of questions done for reading, writing, and math. I'm hoping to finish up Science/SS tomorrow.

Then I did some more laundry.
And read back through some old blog posts. I'm not sure why I did that...but once I started, I couln't stop.
Another hour wasted.

Then I did my Bible Study. (This was NOT a wasteful time...just wanted to make that known, God!)

Oh...then it was time to do some more laundry. 
I'm sure I've complained about it before, but EVERY item of Ty's clothing is always inside out when I go to fold it. And that bothers me. However, if I listen to good music while folding, it's not quite as bad.

It was around 5:00 by this time and it was time to start dinner. So I did that. Once Ty got home it was time to eat. We then proceeded to watch THREE episodes of Big Brother that we needed to catch up on. Yet another 180 minutes wasted. 

And then of course it was time for American Ninja Warrior about 30 minutes after that. (If you're keeping track, all we did was watch TV for about 5 hours.)

Then it was time to play piano on my phone (on an app.)

Then switch some laundry from the washer to the dryer and bed.


xoxo, wife.

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  1. When all was said and done I think that you got quite a bit done for a Monday.
    Love ya