Wednesday, July 16, 2014

thoughts on working at home.

So I mentioned the other day that I was beginning to work on some school stuff. On Monday I had started working on Essential Questions. It's a looooong and tedious task. There are 4 questions each week for 4 subjects for 40 weeks. I'm not sure how many questions that is (I don't do math like that over the summer. Heck...I don't do math like that ever!) But it comes out to a 153 page document.

Here are some thoughts I had while working on this dang project:

-Hey working from home is awesome. It's fun to work when you don't technically HAVE to!
-This sucks. Why am I working on this during the summer?
-I'll be so glad this is done when school starts!
-I gotta pee.
-Okay...the TV is too distracting. It must be turned off.
-I wish I was watching TV.
-This is so boring.
-OK! I'm done with the first semester...and it only took me...2 days. 2 days and I'm only half way done?!
-Who ever invented Essential Questions should be locked in a room of unsupervised and sugared-up kindergartners for a week.
-Oh good! The laundry's I can go fold to get a break from this nonsense.
-I can't believe I'm now working on this for the 3RD day.
-I love this song!
-Okay, now I just wasted 3 minutes of work time belting out that song.
-I've gotta finish this soon...I have stuff that's sooo much more fun to work on!
-Yes! Another great song!
-Okay...the music must be shut off.
-I gotta pee...not really...but I have to take a break.
- I'm definitely selling this document on Teachers Pay Teachers...and people better buy it!
-I can't believe how looong this is taking.
-Maybe I'll stop for the day.
-NO! Keep going and just finish it, dangit!
-OMG...OMG...I'm finally finished! Hallelujah!
-I can't believe I worked on this until 10:26 pm.
-I'm so glad this crap is over with!

Now to post it on Teachers Pay Teachers. People best be buying it from me!
3 days of work...I should probably sell it for $100.
Or $4.00.

xoxo, wife.

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  1. You are so creative and just look at all the work you got done that you won't have to when school starts.
    Love ya