Thursday, July 11, 2013

and just like that, my feelings have changed.

So I remember writing a post...maybe 2 weeks ago, about having kids.
And how I couldn't picture that for myself.
And how I just wasn't into it right now.
Well...THAT changed.
Or maybe it was never really true to begin with.

I think I wrote that post in part, to get people off my back. Ever since the day after we got married, people have been on my case all the time to have a kid. And I still stand by my thoughts that I'd prefer to be able to stay home for at least a couple years with my child. And I know that right now, we can't afford for me to do that and still SAVE money each month. So I think that my previous post was a way to get people to back off, and to make myself feel better about not wanting to have a kid right now, since I can't take off that much work at this point.

But then today, I was thrown into full-on baby mode.
One of my best friends since I was 12, Lauren, had her first child about 3 weeks ago.

(She'd probably kill me if she knew I posted this picture...hehe!)

I wanted to give her a little time to get home and get settled, but I couldn't wait much longer, so yesterday, I sent her a text.

Ladies and gentlemen, may I present to you: Cole Scott Forgey.
What a doll.
And a ladies' man.
This little guy stole my heart when he snuggled up on my chest and slept for over an hour! 
And that's when I officially thought, "Man...I WANT this."

Now, I'm not saying that I'm gonna run and get preggers right this minute, so don't get all excited. But I'm warming up to the idea of having a baby sooner rather than later. Meanwhile, this little stud-muffin will be enough to hold me over for awhile. Although his momma is now after me to give Baby Cole a playmate...or a wife.

So happy for you Lauren!
I can't believe you're a Mommy!

xoxo, wife.

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