Wednesday, July 3, 2013

baseball, fireworks, and a little perspective.

I've written in the past about how my family goes to the local baseball stadium (is that what it's called? A stadium? Or are stadiums only for football?? catch my drift) for a game and fireworks the week of the 4th. This year was no different. (Except for different seats, and MUCH cooler temps than last year. 60 degrees in July? What?!)

No...that's not cud in his cheek, even though it looks like it. Its a big old bite of sub sandwich. What was he doing? Just letting it get soggy-fied in his mouth before swallowing?

The annual picture. We have one for every year we've been together and gone to the baseball game. This marks year #6.

My Mom and Dad. I think they're pretty cute...and cool (notice my dad rocking the ripped jeans!), but I might be a little biased.

Ok...maybe they're a little dorky.

And it just wouldn't be a legit baseball game without eating Dip n' Dots out of a baseball helmet, right?
Thanks to Daddio for the awesome color effects.

This was one of my favorite fireworks displays the stadium(?) has put on since I can remember. Lots of color...and lots of LOUD!

I know a lot of people complain about our country these days, and I know we have our issues. But I couldn't help but feel so incredibly blessed during the fireworks show. How awesome to live in a place where we have the opportunity to celebrate our freedoms? So many people have fought for us...and been injured or killed in the process. Instead of just sitting around and complaining about the crappy stuff, maybe we should rejoice in the great things. Like the chance to get to watch a baseball game, eat a hot dog, and spend time with family? I know there are people living in places who would kill for that opportunity, and we take it for granted, while finding every opportunity we can to complain about health care and taxes. It's a shame, really.

God Bless America.
And Happy 4th of July to everyone.

xoxo, wife.


  1. Lisa,

    I hope this is a tradition we can continue for a long time. We always have a good time with you guys.


  2. I say Amen to rejoicing in our country and all the benefits we enjoy. Hope you and
    your parents enjoy many more years of going to the fireworks.