Monday, July 22, 2013

another friend gets hitched

My good friend from work, Lohmar (that's her LAST name...we all go by last names at work) got married last night. I just need to throw it out there that without this girl, I probably would've given up on teaching after the first week in Kindergarten. This girl has been my mentor, and she has helped mold me into a good teacher. I have so much gratitude toward her, and I was so excited to witness her special day. I remember when she came into my classroom about 14 months ago and slapped her hand down on my desk to show me the ring her boyfriend had proposed with. She was beaming that day...and she was beaming all night last night.

The Kindergarten/First grade team from past and present: Emily, Brandi, Jen ( Hansen!), me, and Jessica. Love these girls!

Table 11 basically rocked the reception. We were pretty much famous by the end of the night.
You might be able to tell there was an open bar by the fact that our table number is in my husband's pants. We seemed to carry that dang table number around with us all night...and then other tables started doing it too, because we're such cool trendsetters.

Ty met Travis (Brandi's fiance) just last night at the wedding. I think they are best friends now. They are pretty much the same person. Loud, obnoxious, passionate about EVERYTHING, and into motorcycles. They hugged each other at the end of the night.

Just danced down the line with the table number. Notice the table number is no longer in a frame. We broke our table number 4 different times last night. The groom's step-mom came to our rescue with new ones though. She stole frames from the other table numbers and gave them to us. Told you we were famous!

Brandi and Travis. To say that these two are perfect for each other would be an understatement. So happy that they'll be married next summer.

Table 11's ladies! Whoop Whoop!

It was SUCH a fun night. Lots of laughs, lots of dancing, lots of loudness. While we were dancing at one point Ty said, "I really like your friends!" This was the first time he'd met them, so it was fun that he hit it off so well with them!

xoxo, wife.

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