Friday, August 10, 2012

Parent Quotes from Open House 2012

"They still take naps in Kindergarten, right?"

"What happens if he pees hisself?"
"You'll come and get her out of my car in the mornings, won't you? I'll just pull up and you'll come get her out of the back seat?"

"What day does school start again?

"Here's his IEP (special education plan.) This is your new Bible."

"Now, when he acts up, don't call his mother...she don't do no discipline. You call Nana, and I'll come straighten his behind out."

"She has to share a cubby with another student? Seriously?"

"Make sure he always has papers with 'the fourth' written on it after his name. I love his father...and his grandfather...and his great grandfather...but the boy needs his own identity."

"If you can get her say one word all year, I'll be surprised."

"She has accidents kinda a lot...I just thought you should know."

"They told me my kid's in your class, but he's not on the what? Why isn't he on the list?"

"You spelled my son's name wrong on everything. You'll have to fix that."

"What flashcards?"

And so it begins...

Happy New School Year!

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