Saturday, August 25, 2012

things are looking up

I'm not sure if it was the change in my attitude, or that they just suddenly "got it," 
but this past week with my Kinders was great! We had an entire week where I didn't feel like pulling my hair out.
We're even beginning to get compliments in the hallway from other adults about how awesome we are and how our behavior has improved so much!

So, since I'm MUCH happier about the way things are going, I thought I'd share some of my favorite quotes from the first two weeks:

Me: Who know's what sound the letter F makes?
Little girl: Ohh Ohh! Water.

(After a student had an accident and changed her clothes)
Me: You still have to wear your uniform shirt. You were just supposed to change your pants. Go put your school shirt back on.
Little girl: My shirt was wet too, cause you're always makin' me tuck it in!

(at 8:55am)
Little boy: Mrs. tummy is telling me we need to go to lunch now.

"What time do the kids go to pick up their parents?"

(after flipping a card for cutting up little pieces of glue stick all over the place)
Little boy: Well, how come we haven't gotted to use the scissors and glue yet?
(Gee...I wonder why...)

"Guess what, guess what?! That one girl...her throwed up all over the lunchroom. It was blue and it was so cool!"

Me: Do you know your phone number?
Little girl: Yep.
Me: What is it?
Little girl: 3. 5. P.
Me: Um, ok...I'm just going to look it up on the computer to make sure you're right.

They're starting to make me smile. I'm pretty sure that means that things are looking up for us :)

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