Saturday, August 11, 2012

Quarter of a century...

That was the term I hear thrown around all day yesterday when I celebrated my 25th birthday.
When I was younger, birthdays were SUCH a big deal.
The older I've gotten, I've realized that your birthday is just another day...with a few presents thrown in for good measure.
But it was still a fantastic day!

It started off with donuts. When I was younger, my dad would get me two donuts with chocolate frosting and sprinkles for my birthday. Every year. So when we got married, Ty took over the tradition. And this year he did not disappoint.

I only worked until noon.
We pretty much had the whole day to work in our classrooms and get any last final preparations done before school starts Monday. We were allowed to leave whenever, and I felt comfortable enough with what I had finished leaving around noon. A half day of work on your birthday is a definite bonus!

Right from work, I went to meet my mom for frozen yogurt.
I'd never had frozen yogurt until a couple weeks ago, and I may never go back to ice cream.
(Oh, who am I kidding?!)
I totally understand that all the crap I put ON TOP of that yogurt defeats the "healthier" aspect of it, but whatever...calories don't count on your birthday, right?

After that I went to get last minute school supplies.

Then I got "birthday styled." Several years ago, I always thought it was important to get really done up for my know, dresses, curled hair, special makeup, fancy accessories. Now I realize that being comfortably stylish is the thing to do.

Then when Ty got home, we went to dinner.

What? You don't typically choose Pizza Hut as the place to celebrate your birthday?
Well so what?
I do.
And it was delish.

We had planned on driving up to the beach for sunset, but it was chilly and rainy.
It didn't rain all freaking summer, but decided to rain on my birthday.
So I chose the drive-in movies instead.

What? You don't wear your sock monkey slippers to the movies eiether?
Well I do.
And I was very cozy.
I can also say that I wore those slippers to walk to the bathroom before the movie started.
Yep...I'm now 25 years old and wore my monkey slippers to the bathroom in front of other people.
No shame.
(Well maybe a little shame.)

Anyway, it was a fun, but low-key birthday...and I loved it!

xoxo, wife.


  1. Your right monkey is missing his red pom pom on top of his head....what's up with that??

  2. Yeah, that fell off about a year ago :(