Sunday, August 26, 2012


Even though I do not intend on having children for quite some time,
sometimes I like to picture what our kids will look like when we do have them.
Is that weird?

Well, anyway.
Who cares what you think?
I'd like to imagine that they will look like this:

Sweet babies.

children's photography

cute children's portrait

children's photography blog | Greensboro-Children's-Photographer-Melissa-Treen-Photography


Sibling Photo with Baby

so Cute

so adorable

(I know. I know.
This last one's not possible, unless we would adopt.
But I'd absolutely LOVE to have a little girl that looks like this!
She's even fashionable to boot!)

Now, I doubt that we'll ever have any kids that actually are HALF as beautiful as the ones above. 
But to us they'll be even more beautiful.
This is merely what I'm picturing in my head.
But I'll gladly wait a few more years to see what they actually look like.
For now, I'll just keep imagining :)

xoxo, wife.

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  1. Dude...there is no way I can have offspring as cute as these...adoption may be the only way! :)