Monday, August 6, 2012

The time I bruised my husband.

The other night, Ty and I were wrestling.
During this battle, when I had reached a state of helplessness, I pinched his arm.
He immediately let me go and started whining about it, but at the same time, praising me.
"If this didn't hurt so bad, I'd give you a high five...that was an awesome pinch!"
So that ended the wrestling session.
But did NOT end the whining.
I listened to it for the next few hours, rolling my eyes about what a baby he was being.

But then the next day, there was a small bruise.
And then the next day, it looked even worse.

Does this count as spousal abuse?
Am I a bad wife?
Could I get arrested for this?

Those are now the questions that haunt my dreams at night. (Kidding.)
So Ty, I'm sorry I gave you a bruise.
But at least I won the fight.
And now you know not to mess with the best!

xoxo, wife.

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