Saturday, January 12, 2013

dune buggy ride of death

In 2008, my parents had planned on taking me and Ty to Sanibel Island for a vacation.
When a hurricane evacuated the island the night before we were supposed to fly in, the vacation had to be canceled.
Instead, we went to Silver Lake in Michigan.
We had a really good time...until the Dune Buggy Ride of Death.
I might look happy in this picture, but don't let my expression fool you.
I was scared out of my ever-loving mind the whole time.
Exhibit A: The Video.
Excuse the noise and bumpiness...I couldn't help it.
Please also excuse the screaming...couldn't help that either.

I applaud you if you made it to the end.
Very soon after the video concluded, both my mom and I asked to be let out of our respective death contraptions known as dune buggies.
Then my dad and Ty were free to do all the crazy crap on those buggies they wanted.
And we sat by the water and complained about it.
It was stupid.
And dumb.
And I should've realized when I had to sign my life away that it was not going to be fun.
And it wasn't.

xoxo, wife.

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  1. Boy...that was a lot of fun! I know Ty & me had a great time. Mom didn't enjoy herself at all, either. You guys seemed to be more into the Shuffleboard. It certainly wasn't Sanibel Island, but it was a good time.