Saturday, January 19, 2013

our relationship quirks.

(I've always loved this picture because I think it sums up our relationship perfectly.)
Today I'm linking up with Ashley over at The Shine Project.
A week or so ago, she wrote about her and her husband's relationship quirks.
While I was reading her post, I thought, "Huh...Ty and I have some quirky qualities ourselves."
  • We call Abby and Bubba "our kids." I think we tend to think of them as humans.
  • We talk to each other in baby/little kid voices...a LOT. On the phone, at home, at that I'm actually writing this down, it sounds really odd.

  • We are terrible at keeping our house clean. Instead of cleaning a little every day, we often wait to clean until people are on their way over, and then we're running around like banshees trying to make the house look presentable. Ty often says we need to host more get-togethers because it will force us to clean. Embarrassing!
  • Ty likes to cuddle way more than I like to cuddle. I need my space. The only time I really like to cuddle is when we're watching tv and I go and snuggle up with him in his chair. Other than that, I want to be left alone. Therefore, we rarely ever cuddle in bed at night. I stay stricly on my side, and he stays on his side...then all is right with the world. This can create some silly/annoying arguments, so we should both probably work together to find a balance between our preferences.
  • Our tastebuds have virtually nothing in common. Most nights we have two totally separate meals. I think I cook us a normal meal probably 10 times a year. Most of this has to do with our differing tastes. Some of it has to do with the different times we get home from work.
  • I HATE to talk on the phone...Ty loves it. This can make for some really awkward phone convos. They either go one of two ways: A) He talks and talks, and then when it's my turn, I don't ever have anything to say until I get home and can talk to him in person. B) He asks questions and I give him various one word answers until he lets me go.
  • I typically call Ty by his full name: Tylan. I don't know why I started doing that, but that's normally what I call him. However, Ty rarely ever calls me Lisa. I'm "babe." All the time. If he calls me Lisa, I get concerned.
Well, there ya go.
Our relationship quirks in a nutshell.
There's probably more, but I can't think of them right now.
They might be weird or strange to others.
But without those quirks, we wouldn't be the couple we are today.
xoxo, wife.


  1. My husband calls me "babe" too! If he ever says 'Emily' I get worried, haha!

    Simple Suburbia

  2. I think that your blog was really good and by
    the way your Grandpa Russ called me Babe also.