Wednesday, January 2, 2013

new year's eve 2012

New Year's Eve isn't a fancy, sparkly party with fireworks and glittery accessories around these parts.
Last year, Ty's brother invited us all to a hockey game for New Year's, and now it's become a tradition.
If you can actually call two years in a row a tradition...
Perhaps NEXT year it can be classified as such.
Anyway, we traveled to Fort Wayne again this year for another Komets game.
But before-hand, we stopped at a very elegant, fancy restaraunt for dinner.
Yep, that's right. Chuck E. Cheese!
But we went with this guy...and his parents. 
Because it would probably be too creepy to go by ourselves.
Between the 4 of us adults, we won Caleb over 1,600 tickets.
I will not disclose the ridiculous amount of money we spent on tokens for those silly games.
But I will say that it was A LOT more money than the $16.99 Chuck E Cheese stuffed animal he got with his 1,600+ tickets.
I'm pretty sure we got taken.
Then we moved on to the hockey game.
Water: The New Year's Eve drink of Champions!
Then I busted out some mustaches.
Because we're cool like that.
And my nephew, Hitler, joined us as well.
Ty was upset that you couldn't see his mustache.
But he already has a real one, so it's ok.
After Ty had been eating peanuts for awhile, he picked up his beer that was on the ground, and realized he'd been dropping peanut shells into it.
I told him he might be onto something: peanut flavored beer.
Everyone else just made fun of him.
The team we went to see lost by a LOT.
Nephew was not happy about it.
It was a fun way to ring in the new year.
Ty and I pulled into the garage right as the clock struck midnight.
And shared a very romantic kiss in the our garage.
Looking forward to doing it all again next year!
xoxo, wife.


  1. The lady behind us in the photos that looks like a bird just crapped on her head was the most annoying lady ever...just wanted to point that out to everyone :). She proceeded to shout at anyone who ever stood up during the game to "Sit Down!"....let's just say that made for a rather obnoxious and multiple comebacks directed towards her haha!!!! Night was a blast!

  2. Maybe she will be there this year and we can say hello to her again.