Friday, January 25, 2013

on being a better wife.


I like to think I'm a pretty good wife.
But there are times, like right now, when I know I could do better.
Unfortunately, I'm still a "work-in-progress" as a wife.
But I AM working.
Working to be a better, more grateful wife.
Not rolling my eyes when he wants to watch ESPN or play Xbox.
Actually cooking a real dinner once in awhile.
Going to see a movie he'd like to see.
Going to a restaraunt he'd like to go to.
Not complaining when he says he's almost out of underwear, even if I feel like I've just finished all the laundry.
Pulling up my big-girl panties and actually taking out the trash/recycling on my own once in awhile.
Being more encouraging when he talks about losing weight.
Not grumbling if he asks me to stop at the store to pick something up on my way home from work.
These things should just be second nature to me.
And sometimes they are.
But sometimes they're not.
Sometimes I have to work really hard to turn those thoughts into actions.
But it's the least I can do.
Especially after all the things he does for me.
Always letting me choose the restaraunt.
Going to see a million chick flicks.
Changing my oil on his own.
Listening to countless (and probably boring) stories about my students.
Handling all the bills, because it was getting to be too much of a hassle for me to keep up with that and planning lessons.
Offering to help with laundry/dishes.
Bringing home flowers or some other small treat when he knows I've had a bad day.
And you know what?
He does those things without eye rolls or heavy sighs.
He does those things without expecting anything in return.
Because he loves me.
And because those things make me happy.
And my happiness makes him happy as well.
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And I'm learning that putting your spouse's happiness before your own...well that's what helps us stay in love. And I intend on being in love with this guy for the rest of my life.
xoxo, wife.


  1. This was beautifully written Lisa and I know
    you put a lot of thought into it. Just keep up
    the good work.