Monday, June 25, 2012

dear husband,

I'm sorry I didn't take you totally seriously the other night when you came home from your softball game.
When I came outside to see why you hadn't come in yet, I found you like this.

This was as far as you made it from the car.
You were complaining of not feeling well and that you thought you were going to throw up.
I thought you were being dramatic...we all know how men can be when they think they're "sick."
After you took a shower, we checked your temp and you had a little fever.
I tucked you into bed, still thinking you were being a little dramatic, especially when you asked for your phone "in case someone calls."
And when you complained when I put a frozen bag of veggies on your head that you wouldn't be able to eat them now, because your head would thaw them out.
And when you asked me to take a picture of you on your cell.
I figured if you were really sick, you wouldn't care about any of that stupid stuff.
But even though I thought you were milking it a bit, I brought you home some ice cream for your throat...mostly because it gave me an excuse to get something for myself, too.

Then yesterday after church, you asked me to look down your throat.
Again, I was slightly annoyed, because any 26-year-old man should know that he is more than capable of using the mirror to look down his own throat with a flashlight.
But I did it anyway.
And I saw white spots.
And then I knew.
You weren't simply being a whiner. You were actually sick.
So then my guilty conscience kicked into high gear. 
I took you to the doctor and then to the pharmacy.
I made you some lunch and dinner.
I checked on you throughout the day to make sure you didn't need anything.
And I got you to bed early.

I'm rambling, but I basically wanted to say that I'm sorry for thinking that you were just being dramatic.
It's just that sometimes, having a little sniffle can turn you into a whining puddle of complaints.
That's just how guys are.
But I know now that you are legitimately sick this time, and I'm sorry for not believing you.
You're sleeping, and I think I'll go check on you now.

xoxo, wife

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