Wednesday, June 6, 2012

here it is.'s the new blog title, and the new design...whatcha think? I tried to change the web address, but then the blog wasn't showing up in the blog reader of my followers, so I'm leaving it the same as it was for now. In the coming days (or weeks) I may decide to change the address too, but I'll give ya plenty of warning before I do. Lesson Learned: When choosing a title/web address for something, make sure its one you'll want to keep for the long haul.

Its been an incredibly busy week. My kinders graduated today {tear} and I've been getting my room all packed up to be painted this summer. Field day is tomorrow and thankfully that's my last day. I'm ready for the break! Sorry there haven't been many posts the last few days, or pictures for that matter. Its just been SUPER busy!


  1. I like the new design. Colors are a nice choice too.

  2. Why thank you...I'd like to tell you I designed it all myself, but then that would be a lie.