Saturday, June 16, 2012

remember that one time i made a new year's resolution? yeah, me neither.

So back in the day (like December-ish) I made a New Year's resolution to eat healthier.
That didn't even last as long as it took my to write the post about it.
I've recently become aware of the fact that I'm very overweight.
I've gained a lot of weight since I graduated high school.
I won't mention what the actual poundage is, but its a lot.
And I'm getting sick of it.
So I've decided to really hopefully try the weight loss thing.

First key to losing weight? Eating better.
Hmm...maybe THAT'S why I made that resolution...
I typically don't eat breakfast, because my Kinders have lunch at 10:45, and that's VERY early to eat lunch if you already had breakfast that morning.
But now that its summer, I'm trying to push my lunchtime back, and eating a light breakfast.
(By the way, "light" in my book is typically having one pop-tart instead of two.)
So I found a bunch of recipes for "green smoothies."
They're supposed to help you lose weight by boosting your metabolism, AND get you some of your daily vegetables.
So naturally, I jumped on board.

The enemy:
Baby spinach.
I was also going to get Kale, but since I didn't know what that was, I grabbed the wrong thing at the store and then felt like an idiot.
(You'd think they'd make the signs a little clearer in the produce section for people like me, who don't know what veggies are what.)

Anyway, I don't mind spinach, but I didn't necessarily want to drink it plain, so I added some fruit. Strawberries and blueberries to be specific.

Then I threw in some ice and began to blend.
Except nothing happened to the stuff inside.
Then Ty ran out to the kitchen yelling that I was burning up the motor. Apparently when you make a smoothie, you have to put the ice at the bottom so that it creates some liquid...who knew?
I'm like the least domesticated person on Earth.
So we had to take everything out and start again.
So finally we got it under control and this was the end result:

I thought it looked like spaghetti sauce.

We tried it and Ty liked it.
I thought it was ok.
Kind of bland. But I guess its decent for a healthy breakfast.
I have several other "green smoothie" recipes that I'm going to try to see which I like best.
And now that I know what Kale is (thanks Google) I can get that too.
I feel like I've been rambling. 
Okay then, I'm off to the lake then to hang out with friends.
And eat the Oreo dessert that I made to take...which totally defeats the green smoothie. And the workout I did this morning...


  1. We make "monster slime"! Ice, frozen mango, pineapple, strawberry blueberries and spinach! ! Yummmmmm!!

  2. That sounds really good! I'll have to try that one...thanks!