Saturday, June 30, 2012

the day the lights went out.

We've been having a serious drought this summer.
Well, it finally rained yesterday.
With like 2 rumbles of thunder and some high winds.
2 hours after the "storm" passed, the lights flickered, then went out.
It was 3:54 pm.

Well dang.

We didn't let it get us down though (not at first, anyway.)

4pm- Call the electric company to report the outage.

4:02- Sit there figuring out what on earth I am going to do now.
4:04- Curse myself for not using the bathroom a little bit ago. You win, Mr. Well in my backyard. Well played.
4:05-Walk around house aimlessly, already bored out of my mind.

4:15-Lay on the couch with the baby and read a book.

4:45- Hubby comes home. I declare that the power outage is going to be a fun adventure.
5:24- Talk to my dad to see if they had power. They do. Boo.
6:00- Sit outside with hubby and the pets. Laugh while the cat goes down the steps and rolls in the dirt.
6:03-Get mad at the cat when I realize how much dirt is in his hair.
6:04-Bring the cat back up on the deck
6:04:30-Cat goes back down the steps.
6:05-Yell when the cat scratches the crap outta my arm while I carry him back inside the house.
6:30-Hubby decides he wants to go fishing in the morning. Goes to get fishing stuff ready. I read again.
8:30-Not much light in the house now, so I go back outside to read again. Getting kind of tired of reading.
9:00-Hubby comes outside with our favorite game. Have to play it outside so we can see. He beats me easily each time. Duh. I blame the fading light.

(Ignore the dead grass...I told you, we've had a drought.)

9:30- The electric company arrives. Cheers can be heard throughout the neighborhood.

9:32-I wave my spirit fingers in an attempt to urge the power to come back faster.
9:57- Still no power. And now also, no light. We go inside.
9:58-I download the flashlight app on my phone.
9:59- Hubby yells at me for how bright and annoying my new flashlight is. Then I shine it in his eyes.
10:03- Hubby decides to go to bed because he's going fishing early in the morning. I decide to lay in bed with him and play on my phone. Clearly the power will be on any minute.
10:07- No power, and its hot in our room.
10:14-I use my new flashlight to go down to the laundry and get my jammies. Check for crazy murderers with my flashlight. Find none. Come back upstairs.
10:30- Lay in bed. Hot. Silently curse the electric men because they obviously don't know what they're doing. It's taking them forever.
11:18-Still awake. Still no power. Also, phone is now dead. This sucks.
11:23- Rejoice when the power comes on!! Run to the fan and turn it on. Run to the bathroom and pee. Rejoice again that I can flush the toilet. Turn off all the crap that was on when the power went out. Return to the bed. Rejoice yet again in the wondrous breeze from the fan. Fall asleep.

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