Tuesday, June 12, 2012

ouch...and humbled.

Sunday afternoon, Ty and I were out on the back deck, picking the dead flower petals out of our flowers. My parents had given us an umbrella to put on the deck to give us some shade, but in a wind storm, it broke.
Don't ask me why, but since then, its been laying down on the deck. 
I was picking the dead petals out of the flower pot, and my foot happened to be under the big metal pole of that umbrella.
And who should happen to come over and STEP (accidentally) on that dang pole so he could reach the flower pot too?
Yep, my prince charming.
The pole smashed my toe. 
I began screaming and yelling, and he didn't know what I was screaming about, so he stood there for a minute, not moving.
He finally figured it out, freed my toe, and apologized over and over while I said a few choice words.
This is what my poor tootsie looked like about an hour after:

I made a huge deal about it, whining and the whole thing, and had decided to milk it.

But then a couple hours ago, I happened upon this blog. It is about a family who found out that their 4 year old son had an inoperable brain tumor. The mother of this blog walks you through every single day of the 4 1/2 month battle their precious son fought. I've been sitting here reading it for a couple hours, just so caught up in it, and I'm not even CLOSE to half way done. I've been totally humbled by this family and their amazing story. To think that I thought bruising my stupid toe was a big deal is extremely embarrassing in comparison to what these parents and their son went through. 
If you have some time, make your way over to their blog.
Say a prayer for the family, who lost their sweet boy about 3 weeks ago.
And take a moment to realize that you have so much to be grateful for.
I know I am.

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