Wednesday, December 5, 2012

"deer" husband,

I know that I'm REALLY bad at appreciating your hobby.
I often don't understand it.
But I try to.
I know you've been waiting all season for that "trophy buck" to mount and hang on the wall...
{in the man cave, of course.}
I know you've been frustrated that things haven't gone the way you planned.
I know you were upset when you shot two does the other day but only recovered one.
I know you put your heart and soul into this hobby.
I know that you view hunting as more than a "hobby."
I know that you've spent a lot of time researching this year.
I know you've gotten a lot of recognition and respect from others in the deer hunting community.
I know that your dream is to make hunting your sole form of income someday.
I know that you'd be good at it...if it ever gets to that point.
And I know I'd support you if we both feel that's what God has in His plan for you.
I know that I complain about hunting.
I know that I roll my eyes a lot when you're talking about it.
I know that I make fun of the whole thing.
I know I don't show as much interest as I should.
And I'm sorry.
But I also know that I'm so happy you have something you do that you love so much.
And I know that as long as you keep your priorities straight like you have been, that I will always be ok with this hobby that takes you away from home a lot in the summer/fall.
I know that I love you.
xoxo, wife.
ps. I also know that I will never like venison.
I know I'll never let you hang a deer in the entry way of our house.
And I know that it will always be unnacceptable in my book to house deer pee in our freezer.
Just thought I should throw that in :)

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