Wednesday, December 26, 2012

holly jolly christmas: round one.

To kick off Christmas 2012, we had our first celebration on Christmas Eve with my parents and my Grandma Sue.
There was {too much} good food, {too many} generous gifts, and {just enough} joy.
I might be kinda biased, but I think my parents are pretty darn cute. this next picture, my dad instructed us to all strike a "gangsta" pose.
Clearly, my grandma did not grow up in the hood, because she had no clue what to do!
It was really funny :)
Then the gift-unwrapping commenced. We got lots of great stuff!
For Ty: clothes, a Jason Aldean cd, Madden '13, an ND sweatshirt, a gift card, candy/gum, etc.
For Lisa: a "Mrs. Miller" cell phone case, clothes, a "Granddaughter" bracelet, gift card, a gift card holder, an Erin Condren planner (because I'm organized like that!), and the most amazing eye shadow that I've been lusting over for about 2 years now!

For us as a couple: Tickets to see Wicked! And it's on our anniversary!
Ty and I also had a sign made for my parents with their last name and the year they were married.
Not gonna lie, I'd like one for our house too!
I'd say that holly jolly christmas: round one was a success.
Thanks to my parents and grandma for everything!
Stay tuned for the coming Christmas rounds.
xoxo, wife.

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