Sunday, December 16, 2012

weekend recap.

Yet another weekend that has come and gone too fast.
This weekend, Ty and I went to visit my grandma in the hospital.
While we were there, we ran into Santa.
Since Ty refuses to go with me to take a picture with the REAL Santa (as I listed in my December Manifesto), I figured I'd have to settle for this guy.
Later that night, my parents took us out to dinner.


Aren't they cute? :)
It was delish. Oh, and please ignore my husband trying to photobomb down in the corner.

Today after church, I went to the grocery store, then started working on some stuff for school this week. Normally cutting things out of construction paper for my kiddos is something I absolutely hate to do.
But after the tragedy at Sandy Hook the other day, I was thanking God for those 24 little stockings I got to cut out.

We've been learning some things about economics lately, and I put together a project in which they will make a collage of things they WANT on one side of their stocking, and things they NEED on the other side. This is a very important lesson for this time of year. :)

Bubba was also pretty excited that I cut the stockings out.

Then my mom popped over to surprise me with a gift from my Great Uncle.
He MADE these ornaments for Ty and I to put on our Christmas tree.
Thanks Uncle Dick!
We love them!

The weekend isn't totally over yet, but I won't bore you with the details of what is to come.
Stuff like folding laundry, coming up with some fun stuff to do with my kids this week, watching Christmas movies on tv while I do all of that...
Oh, and hot chocolate.
Yes, there is definitely some hot chocolate in my future.

Happy End-of-the-Weekend.

xoxo, wife.

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