Sunday, December 30, 2012

holly jolly christmas: round four

Oh yeah...we're still going strong in the Christmas department over here.
Yesterday we headed out to Ty's parents' house for Christmas with his family.
My brother and sister in-law were in town with our neice and nephew too.
Again, lots of good food (brunch this time!), lots of good gifts, and lots of fun and laughter.
That would be three feet of gumballs. Because every 6 year old needs that many gumballs.
Then jello shots may have been made.
A little too strong...
Sicky baby after her bath. You can tell she wasn't feeling so hot.
And she snotted all over everyone all day.
It took forever to play bingo with this many presents!
Ty with his brother. Cheesin' it up during bingo.
Baby Lydia is wearing the outfit I got her. "I love Auntie!"
Lots of fun with celebration number four!
xoxo, wife.

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