Thursday, January 22, 2015

100th day of school and an impromptu dance party at 6:00pm

Alas, the 100th day of school has come and gone.
I know I've said it before, but I just love the 100th day.
I've done the exact same things every year for 4 years now...and it never gets old.
It's so exciting in fact, that I didn't even take pictures to document a lot of it.

But I got a couple.

I channeled my inner "old lady" and headed to school in this get-up.

But my friend Emily clearly outdid me!

We did tons of stuff with the number 100, but like I said, I only got pictures of a couple things. Here we are making necklaces with 100 fruit loops.

It's always such a crazy day, that I end with my favorite quiet-time activity at the end of the day. I challenge the kids to write their names 100 times. In 4 years, I've probably only had about 10 kids actually finish. This little lady was one of them!

Please excuse the nasty tape marks on this table. We just got new seats which means I took off the old name tags. It's embarrassing...but I have WAY more to do in my day than scrape gunk off my tables.

When I got home I wanted to wash the gray outta my hair, but I figured I'd workout first. I put some music on my phone and got ready to head downstairs to the treadmill. But the music was good. So I ended up having an impromptu dance party in the living room/kitchen. It lasted over an hour. And was way more fun than any other workout I'd planned. At the end, this is how I was feeling.

Still gray...and now sweaty. But it was worth it. Look!

Boom. These are my stats for the day. As of 7:26. Blew my goals out of the water. And now at 7:37 I'm showered, in jammies, on the couch with a book and tv, and plan to stay here until it's time for bed.

I see more impromptu dance parties in my future.
But if you plan them...I suppose it's not impromptu, huh?

xoxo, wife.

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