Sunday, January 11, 2015

saturday date day

The Hubs took Saturday off to spend the day with me. He said I could pick whatever I wanted to do and we'd do it. I planned to mostly run around to some local vintage/antique shops, grocery shop together (very rare), and a movie at home, because there were no good movies out at the theaters.

We slept in, then got up and ready to go. The day before had been a snow day for me, so Ty had taken my car to work. He'd left his truck key on the island for me in case of emergency. When he got home that night, he ran out quickly to snow blow before the pizza guy showed up with our dinner. He grabbed his truck key to run out and grab his coveralls. He didn't end up wearing them.

When we were heading out to our first shop on Saturday, he realized that his truck key was missing. Long story short, we looked everywhere and determined that it was lost. It must have fallen into the snow somewhere. The only extra key we had was one that opened the door and turned on the interior of the truck, but wouldn't turn the engine over. The dealership told us we needed to have his truck towed there so that they could make new keys for us.

We called the Tow Guy and he came over to load Ty's truck up and tow it over there. Soon we'd be going to our next shop.

But then the belt on the tow truck snapped. No big deal! The Tow Guy will fix it up soon and we'll be on our way!

Except that the Tow Guy couldn't fix it on his own. So then he called his dad to come and help him. An hour later, I was starting to lose patience.

Turns out Tow Guy's dad wasn't much help. Another 30 minutes later, we were still waiting.

We waited a total of 2 HOURS in the house waiting for the Tow Guy and his dad to get this fixed. They figured out something else that was broken so we followed them to the hardware store where they said they'd fix it and then we'd FINALLY be on our way.

We waited another 30 minutes in the car at the hardware. It's a good thing we didn't have anything that we HAD to get done that day. The Tow Guy was pretty young and almost started crying when it was all said and done. He apologized over and over and told us he wouldn't charge us. He was just so happy this happened with nice people like us instead of some crabby guy. He seemed like a nice kid.

We were finally on our way. We stopped at two more shops (one of which was closed, because it was getting late now.) Then we went out to eat at one of my favorite restaurants, then did our grocery shopping, stopped at Dairy Queen for some ice cream, and came home to unload groceries, put on our comfies, and watch our movie. I wasn't feeling the best throughout the day, due to a cold, so I went to bed right after the movie. 

So that was our Saturday. And this ceramic dove was our only purchase. I've named her Felicia. She likes her home next to Mama Owl (Eleanor) and her two children (Peter and Phillip.)

Today I've spent the day on the couch being lazy and trying to get rid of this cold before going back to work tomorrow. We've officially used up all our snow days, so let's hope we don't have any more this year!

xoxo, wife.

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  1. What an annoying day, but it turned out alright which is all that matters.