Wednesday, January 21, 2015

stuff lately.

I was sitting on the couch Saturday, trying to convince myself to run some errands. Except those errands (grocery store and teacher-supply store) didn't sound like a whole lot of fun. Then I got a bright idea: I could go to Hobby Lobby! But only if I did the other things too. And suddenly I was off the couch and in the car!

I had only planned to look around and maybe get a few knick-knacky things, but when I got there...the whole freaking store was on sale! So naturally I decided to re-do the wall in our living room.

Here's what the wall looked like before.

I liked it...but after 4 years I was ready for something new. So I walked around that dang store for two and a half hours trying to pick out things I loved that actually all went together. This is what I ended up with:

I kind of really love it. And so does Ty, which is also a plus! And all of this was LESS than $100!

Monday was MLK day and so the Hubs and I both had the day off. We spent the entire day prepping and installing our new washer and dryer!

We got them for free from a friend of my in-laws. They're really nice, and I've been doing laundry's so fun! (For now.) We are super blessed and grateful for such an amazing gift. 

While Ty was working on hooking up the washer, he asked me to bring him his slippers because it's terribly cold downstairs. As I was carrying them down, I slipped at the top of the stairs and fell down 4 of the stairs. Now I have a sore body and a bruise that looks like this: hurts.

One last thing: tomorrow is the 100th Day of School. I used an app to make all my students and I look like we're 100 years old, and tomorrow we're going to write about what we'll be like when we're 100. I wish I could show you all the's so funny! But since I can't, you're just stuck with 100 year old me:

All I have to say is, Ty is one lucky duck!

xoxo, wife.


  1. Such an interesting blog. I love it, by the way my friend Joan said she has seen an ad on TV for you school. Do you happen to be one
    of the teachers in the ad.

    1. No I'm not in the commercial. We shot it over the summer and I wasn't planning on still working there, so I opted to not be in it...just in case.