Monday, May 21, 2012

chocolate covered strawberries.

I’m NOT Suzie Homemaker. Not even in the slightest.
But sometimes I try to be.
So Yesterday, I wanted to make some chocolate covered strawberries.
I figured they’d look something like this.
Chocolate-covered strawberries

Yeah. Right. Good one, Lisa.
I was already, had the chocolate melted and strawberries washed, and you know what?
The chocolate wouldn’t stick to the dang berries.

Looking back, maybe it had something to do with the nasty consistency of that chocolate. . . but that's besides the point.
I tried several times, and still no luck.
So I did what any self-sufficient girl would do. . .
I immediately dropped everything and consulted Pinterest.
According to my research, if the strawberries are still wet, the chocolate won’t stick. So I went back, dried them all and tried again.
And the dang chocolate STILL wouldn’t stick. I tried every dipping method I could think of. Still, nothing worked.

After a few choice words, (and maybe a little spoon licking,) I did what any self-sufficient girl would do. . .
I threw everything back in the fridge and made mac and cheese instead.
From a box.
I’m not Suzie Homemaker, remember?

So then Ty came home later, jonesing for the chocolate covered strawberries I had promised. I told him the story, and he made fun of me.
Then again, I did what any self-sufficient girl would do. . .
I got out the cup of now cold chocolate and the berries.
I melted the chocolate again, and introduced husband to a whole new way to eat this dessert.
Its not called “chocolate covered strawberries” in this house.
Around here, we like to call them “spoon some chocolate onto a strawberry and then eat it fast before the chocolate slides off.”

I still don’t know what the problem was.
But I guess life’s not as fun if everything goes according to plan all the time, huh?
I think its much more interesting my way anyway :)

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