Saturday, May 19, 2012

my iphone says...

Here’s what my iphone has to say about the last week:
Cute bird craft we made this week to hang up for our graduation play.

I may or may not have found a new favorite store at the mall :)

Its been great weather to hang outside with Abby at night this week.

Got a lot of compliments on this manicure. Pinterest has taught me all about “accent nails.”

Gerber daisies are my favorites! They were also my wedding flowers.

Unfortunately, they didn't last very long. I’m hopeless at keeping flowers alive.

 While packing my lunch at 6:30am, this very curved banana was quite amusing. It wasn’t very amusing however, when I bit into this banana later and it was not even kinda ripe. It was so hard, it was almost crunchy. That poor unripe nanner is now sitting in a dumpster.

Barnes & Noble is one of my favorite places. But when you take your husband, you wind up in the hunting and fishing section. BORING.

Another fun manicure. My nails are literally ALWAYS painted. Earlier this week, I actually went two days without them painted, and my students were starting to complain. So I did this one for them. They loved it!

I carry a clipboard around all day with me to chart behavior in my class. Last week, one of my kiddos accidentally dropped and broke the one I was using, so I found another one at home and decided to jazz it up a little. I love it!

And that’s pretty much all my iphone has to say about all that. Have a nice weekend :)  

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