Wednesday, May 23, 2012

if only...

Some times, I think its hard not to get caught up in the “if only’s.”
Like lately.

If only it was already summer vacation.
If only I were more motivated to work out.
If only I was a better housekeeper.
If only I had more money to buy lots of awesome clothes.
If only I could keep this class of Kindergarteners until they graduate high school. Please don’t make me give them away in 2 weeks.
If only I was more tan. . . without having to put forth any effort.
If only I was an amazing cook.
If only there were more hours in a day.
If only America had a mandated naptime every day at 1pm.
If only I could eat ice cream every day with no repercussions.
If only I could actually succeed at any of the crafts I’ve pinned on Pinterest.
If only I could have a personal hair and make up artist every morning.
If only the laundry would fold itself.

Then you realize that life is pretty good, even if none of these things are happening for you right now. . . or ever. Its ok to wonder about what could be, but its pretty awesome to then realize that you’re pretty content with how everything is right now, in the moment.
Happy Wednesday :)


  1. Such beautiful sentiment and reminder!! I get way too caught up in the if's and the resulting ain't that shabby though! :)

  2. Thank you! And yes, we all need the reminder sometimes :)