Friday, May 11, 2012

his and hers: if a genie granted you 7 wishes, what would you wish for?

(Circa 2008)

Because 3 wishes just isn’t quite enough!

  1. To have infinity money to buy everything I love at the store.
  2. That the weather would be sunny and 73 degrees all year long, except on Sundays, when it would rain. I love rainy Sundays!
  3. That a school-week would be 4 days long instead of 5.
  4. That my house would always be clean and the laundry always be done without me having to do it.
  5. That I could have the perfect body without having to work for it.
  6. Ok, I’ll be serious now: that no child in the world would ever experience hunger, poverty, or abuse.
  7. That everyone I care about could live a long, happy, and healthy life with little stress or worry.

  1. That I die before Lisa (because I don’t want to live without her.)
  2. To spend one day with Bryce. (Brother who passed away before I was born.)
  3. For my dad’s health problems to go away.
  4. That I could have 200 acres of my own ground with a log cabin on it.
  5. That my wife and I never had to work again.
  6. The Cubs would win a World Series.
  7. That sin would be no more.

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