Saturday, May 5, 2012

lazy saturday evening on the deck

What better to do on a Saturday night than laze around on the deck?

After dinner at a local family restaurant (aka, an “old people” place) we came home and chilled on the deck til dark.

In celebration of Cinco de Mayo, Ty had his beer, and I had a glass of pinot grigio (thanks to my super cool dad who bought it for me, since I’m becoming a ‘wino’ now.)

We brought Abby 0ut, and left Bubba inside this time. . . poor baby.

And, despite the wine, I did a little Bible reading. Who says you can't do a little sipping and read the Bible at the same time?

 But unfortunately, the drinks are gone and so is the daylight.

Guess that now its time for some of the following:

Ty: video games where he gets to shoot bad guys into a bloody pulp.

Me: Reading a book until I turn into a sleepy pulp. (Not sure that makes any sense, but whatever. Maybe its the wine!)

Happy Saturday :)

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