Thursday, May 3, 2012

his and hers: our idea of the PERFECT day

I’d Sleep in (not too late, maybe like 8:30 or 9:00).
Have a LARGE cinnamon roll with vanilla icing for breakfast. NOT CREAM CHEESE ICING! I’d go and get a mani/pedi. Then go shopping at all my favorite places. Everything would be on sale. Everything would fit perfectly. And I’d have about a million dollars to spend. (I said it was my PERFECT day.)
Then I’d to the beach with my hubby. It would be a perfect 74 degrees, and the water would be nice and warm We’d have the whole beach to ourselves and the concession stand would give us free food. We’d read books and hang out until sunset. . . maybe even share a romantic smooch or two.
Then we’d go home, snuggle up in our big chair, and watch a movie that I picked out. It would definitely NOT be a war/history/superhero type movie.
Maybe Channing Tatum would be in it. Or Ryan Gossling. Maybe both.
Yeah…. . . probably both.
We’d also have to eat some ice cream during the movie. Blizzards to be precise. Mine would have to have M&Ms. It would be a LARGE, and would contain zero calories. Then we’d go to bed, where no one would snore. And no one would get in my “bed space” during the night. Yep. Pretty much the perfect day.

I’d get up early, be up the tree before light.
Hunt all day.
Have date night (dinner, movie) with Lisa.
Go to bed.
Very simple.

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