Monday, May 14, 2012

friday night date night

Friday Night Date Night last over the weekend took us to a local ice cream shop. 
Lucky for us, they announced our arrival as soon as we showed up :)

There was a lot of waiting to be done at this little ice cream shop, but it was worth it. On the menu for me: angel food cake ice cream with m&ms. And for the hubs: peanut butter ice cream with reece's cups.

After we finished our ice cream, we headed home to watch a "Pretty Little Liars" marathon. Don't know if any of you have heard of the show, but its a pretty good murder mystery kind of show. I got into it when I took a sick day last fall. It was on tv all day and I got hooked. But I normally never watch much tv, so I never watched it again. Then while lesson planning a couple weekends ago, it happened to be on again, so I had it playing. Ty came home, and was instantly hooked. Hooked so much he got on Amazon and ordered the 1st season for us. Perhaps I should mention that this show is about a bunch of high school girls and all their drama. But he's in to it! He says its just because its a good mystery, but whatev. . . he likes himself some girly drama :)
Probably doesn't help that the girls are cute too!
So that was our fun, but fairly uneventful Friday Night Date Night.

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