Thursday, May 10, 2012


I found a freakin’ gray hair this morning!
I was doing my hair, and I noticed one up toward the top that was really light.
I had very blonde hair as a little girl, so I figured it was just a really blonde one.
Then I noticed that it was very shiny, almost too shiny.
Upon leaning closer to the mirror to inspect it, I realized it wasn’t blonde at all. . . but GRAY!
I’m not even 25 years old yet! I’m too young to have a stinking gray hair.
So I did what any self-respecting 24 year old woman would do:
I quickly yanked that sucker out of my head.
(And took a picture of it, but that’s besides the point.)
Apparently that just goes to show that my kindergartners have driven me nuts this year.
Now I’m going to have to go to work and demand a raise so that I can afford go and get my hair colored once a month to cover up this terrible atrocity.
If I look on the bright side though (if there is a bright side), at least when I’m totally gray (probably in 5 years at this rate), it appears that my gray hair will be very shiny.
But who cares about that?
Not me.


  1. You got that from your dad!!

  2. I discovered three patches of lovely grey hairs about a year ago...I'm 26. I feel your pain!!! An $8 box of Natural Instincts once a month or so is guh-reat. Good luck!