Friday, May 25, 2012

his and hers: things you think should be invented.

(Money tree or anything else that gives out money is a given, so I won’t even bother putting it.)
  • Robot housecleaner…you know Jetson-style. No more laundry, sweeping, cleaning or cooking.
  • A cure for cancer
  • Transporter…I mean seriously we could go anywhere!
  • A magic pill that would make my knee magically 100% again!
  • The most amazing wife ever…wait I got that one…we’ll go with brownie flavoured brussel sprouts instead…brussel sprouts good for you, brownie flavor GOOD=Great tasting healthy food!
  • A weight loss pill that truly works without dieting, starving yourself, depriving yourself of any nutrients and DOESN’T HAVE ANY SIDE AFFECTS….oh and it’s 100% natural, asking too much? I think not!
  • A tv that senses when you want to change the channel…gone are the days of having to pick up the remote. The tv would sense not only you want the channel changed but can read what may peak your interest at the present time and switch to it. Just imagine the mind battles between husband and wife…Keeping up with the Kardashians is on, husband walks in switches to Fishing w/Bill Dance…back to Kardashians then back to Bill Dance, Kardashians, Sports Illustrated Swimsuit countdown…..arguement ensues….on second thought maybe this one isn’t a good idea.
  • Same concept as above but stereo in the car. Picks up on your mood and plays songs or picks stations playing songs you want!
  • A motorcycle force field…would make it so I don’t have to sell mine due to future plans of having a family. *Just too easily killed if involved in a crash.
  • A warming pill. I could hunt all day long in the winter without getting cold…that would be something special!!

  • Money trees. People talk all the time about how money doesn't grow on trees. Maybe instead of talking about it, they should spend some time inventing one.
  •  Zero calorie Kraft Mac and Cheese. Enough said.
  •  Nail polish that won’t ever chip. It would stay pristine until you decide to take it off.
  •  A bed that automatically makes itself every morning after you get up.
  •  A remote control that would turn down the volume on my husband when he starts talking about hunting.
  • A “lost sock finder” for all those socks that mysteriously get lost in the dryer.
  • A fur sucker that would suck all the loose hair off the cat so he wouldn’t shed. One that really worked.
  • Flowers that I cannot kill.
  • An all natural pill that would give me extra patience with my students on those inevitable “full moon” days.
  •   A monthly shopping spree pass that would allow the user to get anything in any store for free. This pass would be good for exactly 8 hours. You could use it to get anything you want between those 8 hours, and then the pass would become inactive for the rest of the month, until the next “spree day.” Some serious thought has been put into that one :)

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